If you run a small business & would like some support with Visual Merchandising within your retail space I can work with you to achieve this.

Depending on your goals, I can work with you to improve the operations in the following areas.

  • One-off VM relay or "catalogue launch"

  • Lease Line Merchandising

  • In-store Merchandising & problem solving with difficult spaces.

  • Top Sellers Placement

  • Signage 

  • Windows

  • Stock Rotation & Stock Replenishment Processes

  • Organisation & Retail Operations

Based on my years of retail senior management experience , I am highly process driven with an emphasis on time management & functionality.

I have worked at all levels in retail and have a solid VM background where I was responsible for recruiting, training & managing state VM teams within my career.

With fresh eyes, I would be delighted to help you and your small retail business so please get in touch!