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Who is your mummy & what does she do?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

For the best effect you really should read this title in an Austrian accent like the one and only Schwarzenegger. If you get me, great, if not... no harm, I'll move on quickly!..

Welcome to my first blog post... where I plan on introducing myself and sharing a little bit about why I am doing what I do... and why the hell am I writing this thing in the first place when I had to recently google search what a blogger actually was.

I am in the mum club. Yep, I made it. Got me 2 sweet toddler boys Marshall (nearly 4) & Charlie (2yrs) & my 37 year old husband. We run 2 family businesses, my husband is a commercial builder & I was once a successful woman with my fancy job with loads of responsibility (which I loved!) but then I had kids and it all shifted a gear... but I can't actually drive a manual so in my case it stalled.

How was I going to do my job with 2 small children?

I could have done it... but I wasn't prepared to sacrifice my mental health, my marriage, or have a disorganised home.... or even worse... not be able to give my job everything I wanted to give it!

I had a choice to start something on my own & I am so grateful for it.

After I had Charlie I knew I needed to find my next path. I was on a bunch of Facebook mum pages & was constantly reading posts from mums that were struggling. Drowning in their workload within their homes, balancing work, family life etc. I just wanted to help.

I realised how my job that I had been doing for over 10 years had shaped me to be a freaking operational wizard in the home. My friends always told me, but I just thought they were being nice. I will admit I'm a bit of a homebody in the sense that I am passionate about the home & interior decor which I recall from pretty early on.

How did my career teach me so much?

I have always found it hard to articulate what I did... or HOW MUCH I did. Most jobs require you to be an expert in your field and maybe have a few different hats but my role as a Senior Regional Manager at Peter Alexander Sleepwear meant that I was like a bloody Mad-Hatter!...

So here I am... an operational leader that has turned my focus towards the home & helping other working mums who are making sacrifices for their family every day.

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