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5 ways to make your house a home when you are in a RENTAL.

Something that annoys me is the assumption that just because you rent your home, you may not be passionate about your home styling, renovating and generally improving your living space.

I have always put in so much effort to make a home my own, and to let my personality (and now that of my family) shine through.

Sure, I can't always paint the walls and do many of the things I would love to do- but there is a list of things you can do to dial up the style and make it feel like yours.

Obviously you need to take note of your contract and any exclusions that are specifically outlined by your landlords, but often if you are unsure a simple request can't hurt.


The window coverings make a huge impact in a room, and sometimes when you are doing inspections and looking at so much you may miss what you might be working with!

Blinds cannot be replaced without a big expense, however ready-made curtains from places like IKEA can make a world of difference.

If you do remove any coverings you can easily store them for when you move.

If your rental has hideous blinds- ask if they can be replaced if you source something and manage an DIY install.


A crucial step to building a "cozy" home is through layers of soft furnishings, and also defining spaces within the home. This is exactly what rugs will achieve!

While larger rugs may be a big investment, you can now source quite affordable rugs from retailers like Bunnings, Kmart, IKEA etc that will allow you to transform a space for a more reasonable price. If you have kids, you may choose to go cheaper options for fear they will be ruined, but rest assured they will be worth it when you see how they impact your rooms. And yes. kids will ruin good rugs....which is why I currently have an el-cheapo shaggy in my living space! It may not be the rug of my dreams but you don't have to spend a fortune to pull an entire look together.

If you love colour, this is a perfect way to inject personality in your space without adding any paint on the walls!


Choosing what to put on your walls can be overwhelming for a few reasons.

-Artworks and frames are generally quite expensive.

-Confidence that you wont get sick of what you choose.

-Placement within the home. Which wall, where, how high?

-Hanging things when some rental agreements state no hooks to be added.

This is just to name a few! As a result, quite often I find peoples homes are lacking in artworks because they have failed to make a decision... and this is not just renters!

In many cases the artwork is a statement and the rest of the room should compliment it. For example; colours in throw cushions should reflect colours in artworks for a cohesive space.

If you choose things you love, such a colour palette or the subject mater you will find it easier to work with, and you won't get sick of looking at it.

If you have a large space to fill, try a group of smaller prints which are cheaper than investing in one large print.

Removable Decals also make great additions to kids bedrooms to enhance the space without damaging the walls. There is an abundance out there- but a word of warning; you do get what you pay for in terms of quality. The better the quality the better the result both when you have to apply & remove the decal from the wall.

The great thing is that these can be updated as the kids grow and their tastes change.


Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can't deny that the addition of a few house plants will have a positive impact.

Real or faux is personal preference. Of course the faux doesn't give you any of the additional benefits such as helping to purify the air... but keeping a plant alive is challenging for some. I was a cactus killer when I was working full time in my senior management role, but now I'm happy to report I seem to be able to keep plants alive as well as my children! It all depends on your circumstances.

Big or small, clustered and in decorative pots or baskets, plants act as beautiful home decor that are totally portable!


Something that makes a home is a welcoming aroma. And I'm not talking about the kids, or the dog. I'm talking about something that lifts your spirits and can also serve as beautiful decor.

Fresh Flowers, Essential Oil Diffusers, Candles, Reed Diffusers whatever your personal preference, these should be scattered around your home to create a beautiful scent constantly.

There are many DIY affordable ways to bring fresh scent in the home (besides baking a fresh batch of cookies) such as simmering citrus peels and spices in some water. Simply Amazing!!

I am not affiliated with any other businesses mentioned,

These are just of some of my own personal tips for creating spaces to love!

Thank you for reading!

Clara :)

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