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The Top 3 things I have to address as a Professional Organiser...

In the world we live in we are all getting bogged down under the weight of our possessions & responsibilities- It's no wonder the Professional Organisation industry has exploded over the recent years!

I have always been a very organised and somewhat systematic person. In my previous career I had a huge amount of balls in the air... I know how busy family life can be. Most of my clients have been people with children- parents that are busy!

When I decided to start my own business after having my first 2 babies- I knew that I had to use these skills to help other people (Mum's!) to feel more in control of their homes. I don't just organise and tidy a space. I like to coach my clients so they can eventually get control and maintain it for themselves!

After organising homes for 5 years these are the top 3 things that I have to address:

1. Location! Location! Location!

A consistent issue I have found in many homes is the layout of where their "stuff" is! I am not talking about the furniture- (although I can address that too) I am talking about where the actual day to day objects are- especially in the kitchen!

The layout of a kitchen is different in every home, although kitchen cabinetry can dictate what goes where on some occasions. There is no one way to set things up- and no families operate the same way either. Making sure things are in a position that is operational to the way you live is paramount to saving time in day to day tasks. Sounds obvious? I agree- BUT it is not always easy to figure it out.

I recently reworked a clients kitchen that had a permanent paper stack on their bench. That was the way the parents liked to operate- having the current school papers at easy access etc. OK While this wasn't "disorganised" is certainly didn't make their kitchen look organised either! So I made sure when we reallocated the objects within the space that the paperwork was accommodated in the top drawer right underneath its previous home- but out of sight! Clients were happy- and so was I!

2. Respect the Boundaries!

This is by far the most crucial issue in a disorganised and cluttered space. A house gives you storage boundaries for your stuff. This is your cabinetry- wardrobes, linen cupboards, garage etc. You get to add a bit of a buffer with the furniture choices you make such as buffets, storage ottomans, baskets etc. There is absolutely a limit to HOW much storage you can add to a space before you have thrown out the balance of the room. If you have more stuff than your storage allocations- you have overstepped your boundary.

Some houses are blessed with loads of storage. These homes don't often feel disorganised- but what's hiding behind those doors could be anyone's guess! (Yes Mum- I'm thinking of your house!) Most of us have to really work hard to respect those boundaries. If you are tight on space- EVERY piece of furniture needs to be thoughtfully accumulated. It needs to serve style and function to meet your requirements.

3. Set and Forget!

A common misconception about having a professional organiser come into your home is that you will have your space perfectly organised so you can "set and forget". Reading an organising book will not all of a sudden make the process of letting go of possessions easier over night either.

Unfortunately, like all good things, keeping a space in good organised health will require maintenance. There are not many areas of the home that you can actually "Set & Forget!"

I usually like to coach my clients on the best ways to go about the maintenance for their newly organised spaces- so it can fit in with their lifestyle. The process actually does take a while before the routine sets in. Ensuring you don't let things get too far will mean that you don't allow the feelings of overwhelm to return!

If you are thinking about getting a professional organiser in to help you regain control- I humbly warn you- Organisation- can be addictive!

C x

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